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Get Massive Shoulders with These Stretching Exercises

by Gym Slacker

Stretch Your Way to BIG Shoulders


If you want to build bigger shoulders, it’s important to understand the role of stretching in your workout routine. The stretch reflex plays a crucial role in muscle recruitment and growth, especially in the shoulders. By incorporating specific stretches into your exercises, you can maximize the potential for muscle development and achieve those impressive delts you’ve always desired.

The Importance of the Stretch Reflex

The stretch reflex is a mechanism in our muscles that activates when they are rapidly stretched. This reflex triggers a more forceful contraction, leading to increased muscle fiber recruitment. While other muscle groups naturally engage the stretch reflex during certain exercises, the shoulders require a more intentional approach to activate this important mechanism.

Front Delt Stretch

To target the front delts and activate the stretch reflex, you can incorporate the seated incline front stretch or the standing cable stretch front raises into your workout routine. In these exercises, focus on getting your arms back into extension at the shoulder, behind the body at the bottom of every repetition. This deliberate stretching motion will engage the stretch reflex and lead to more power and muscle fiber recruitment.

Middle and Rear Delt Stretch

To target the middle and rear delts, the cross body cable lateral raise is an excellent exercise. However, it’s important to avoid over-rotating your body during this exercise, as it can eliminate the necessary differential needed to create an effective stretch. By maintaining proper form and avoiding excessive rotation, you can fully engage the stretch reflex in your middle and rear delts, leading to enhanced muscle growth.

The Benefits of Stretching

Apart from activating the stretch reflex, incorporating stretching exercises into your shoulder routine offers additional benefits. Stretching helps improve the overall flexibility and range of motion in your shoulders, reducing the risk of injury during other exercises. It also enhances blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles, promoting faster recovery and growth.

Additional Tips for Shoulder Development

In addition to incorporating stretches into your shoulder exercises, there are other factors to consider for optimal shoulder development. First, ensure you’re performing exercises with proper form to avoid unnecessary strain or injury. Secondly, gradually increase the weights you use to challenge your muscles and promote growth over time. Lastly, don’t forget to balance your shoulder-focused workouts with exercises for other muscle groups to maintain overall strength and symmetry.


Building big shoulders requires more than just lifting weights; it involves understanding the importance of stretching and the stretch reflex. By incorporating exercises that intentionally stretch the shoulders, you can maximize muscle fiber recruitment and overall growth. Remember to focus on the front, middle, and rear delts while utilizing proper form and gradually increasing weights. With dedication and consistency, you can achieve impressive shoulder development and stand out in the gym.

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