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Beginner’s Guide to Handstand Press in Calisthenics | THENX

by Gym Slacker

Master the Handstand Press with THENX


Are you ready to take your calisthenics training to the next level? Join Chris Heria as he continues the How To Start Calisthenics series with the Handstand Press. Not only will this exercise improve your handstand skills, but it will also enhance your physique and overall fitness level. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Handstand Press and give you some helpful tips to get started.

Benefits of the Handstand Press

The Handstand Press is a challenging exercise that requires a high level of core strength, balance, and control. By incorporating this exercise into your calisthenics routine, you can expect the following benefits:

1. Improved upper body strength: The Handstand Press engages your shoulders, arms, and core muscles, helping you build strength and stability in these areas. As you progress, you’ll notice increased muscle definition in your arms, shoulders, and abs.

2. Increased flexibility: Performing the Handstand Press requires a good range of motion in your shoulders and wrists. Regular practice can help improve flexibility in these areas, making it easier to perform other advanced calisthenics moves.

3. Better balance and body control: Balancing upside down in a handstand position requires excellent body control. The Handstand Press helps improve your proprioception and spatial awareness, resulting in better overall balance and control during other exercises.

4. Mental focus and concentration: Holding a handstand and performing a controlled press requires mental focus, concentration, and discipline. By practicing the Handstand Press, you can enhance your ability to focus, which can translate into other areas of your life.

Tips for Getting Started

Now that you understand the benefits of the Handstand Press, let’s look at some tips to help you get started on your calisthenics journey:

1. Master the basics: Before attempting the Handstand Press, it’s essential to have a strong foundation in basic handstand techniques. Focus on improving your handstand hold and perfecting your body alignment before progressing to the Handstand Press.

2. Strengthen your core: A strong core is vital for maintaining stability and control during the Handstand Press. Incorporate core exercises such as planks, hollow holds, and leg raises into your routine to build a solid foundation.

3. Practice against a wall: When first learning the Handstand Press, it can be helpful to practice against a wall for support. This will allow you to focus on your form and build the necessary strength to perform the exercise without assistance.

4. Gradually increase difficulty: Start by mastering the handstand and gradually progress to partial handstand presses. As you gain strength and control, work towards performing full handstand presses with a smooth and controlled movement.


The Handstand Press is an advanced calisthenics exercise that not only strengthens your upper body but also challenges your balance, control, and mental focus. Incorporating this exercise into your training routine will not only take your handstand skills to the next level but also enhance your overall physique and fitness level. Remember to start with the basics, focus on strengthening your core, and gradually progress to more advanced variations. With dedication and consistent practice, you’ll be mastering the Handstand Press in no time. So, let’s get upside down and start pressing towards our calisthenics goals!

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Killer be June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

I don’t get it. We have to master first exercise and then go to the next one??? Please explain

Juan Diego Pérez June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

What does it mean press? Which exercise is "press" alone?

Phumlani Mbabela June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am


Moshe Gabay June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am


Stennu9 June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

just today did my first real, good form handstand press usually i lose balance when i do it.

Iver Gonzales June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Most important thing to remember is always engage your core so you'll have better balance on your whole body when doing all these exercises and the handstand

AzadC1995 June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Anyone got a idea why i drop down too fast on the eccentric? even though i bend my arms first then legs

Dmitry June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

It's not a handstand press though, it is handstand push-ups. Press to handstand is done on straight arms.

Lizwards Cuenta June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Man, after three years of training to do a handstand against the wall. I finally did one without the wall. Progress for me. Did it in front of a crowd of people. Listen to the man, Mr. Heria. Shoot, never thought I would see the day. I also lost weight though. That can be another reason why I may have done the handstand without the support. Gracias Chris💯

Zwabbah June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Will try

Neeru Rajput June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

please make a video on bent arm straight leg handstand press …. I'm stuck on that

Naye Silver June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Gud sénsei🙏

Serg Dev June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Hello Chris! Amazing handstand press.)))) Could you please create a video how to start pull up with weighted? How to choose the right weights so as not to overload yourself? To perform pull-ups with proper technique.

Plunderer June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

i couldn't even do a handstand hold agains a wall a month ago but now i can do handstand push-ups against a wall thanks to chris heria.

Alan Roldan June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

WOW that is amazing you help me a lot, thanks

Cesar Alvarez June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Hey chris! Just came back to thank you for sharing this, today I achieved my first handstand press and all because of you, I followed every progression that you said in the video and in just one month I achieve this skill, so thank you so much you're the best🙏🏼💥💪🏼

Lutfie Rusli June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

very smooth

Xoxo Teixeira June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

What is intro music name

Ozowalu Uchechukwu June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Nice workout , but I have a quick question, is it too late to start this kind of training t 20

Big hug June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

I feel like it's Exactly what I needed. I'M stuck on hanstand push up, always loosing balance. I'll be working on that for a while it may help me .

KevinMG June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Alguien Sabe Que Moneda Trabaja En Su Tienda?

The boss 97 June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

I start the thenx program tomorrow my weight right now is 200 pounds trying to get to 160 or 155

TarekSakbani June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

done!!! great video .. right on time !!

Glommy ALIVA June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Realyy realy shocked to seen this … it's my first tym ever ..wow …ur workout style is realy realy so incredible 💜💜💜💜💜

The Rock June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Sir i am doing best om calisthenics but not having Parallets please can you provide me they are too expensive for me

Pramila Bhattarai June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

your calisthenics viedo I am inspiring chris


Thanks bro for the subtitles in Spanish🥰

Cuong Minh June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Do some video with rings !

sheesh donations June 20, 2023 - 11:15 am

Love this bro just downloaded the app. Keep up the great work 🖤


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